About Us

With a heritage (since 2005) of working with brand IP and effects for the Amusements Industry with leading companies such as Hasbro, Paramount, EA Games and Sega Amusements, we’re a trusted technology provider for Immersive Experiences.

We work across a number of different sectors, all providing their own unique challenges and opportunities. Our in-house proprietary hardware solutions and control systems brings flexibility, speed and cost-effectiveness, irrespective of whether the need is for spatial audio for heritage, or immersive location based entertainment.

We build effects into your creative narrative, be that audio prompts, lighting/heat, motion floors, seats and walls, wind/cold, smells and other haptic senses. Individually, or together, these bring heightened senses to your imagination and irrespective of whether that’s an historic building, immersive entertainment, a visitor centre, fan engagement for sport and Esports, theatre, art or any experience where additional senses will make it more immersed.