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Immersive techniques need not involve lots of moving parts that are expensive to implement and maintain or be inflexible to manage.

Integration of multiple effects is a major skills set. We use proprietary hardware and software solutions to manage effects and props, providing full control systems to constantly monitor use and performance.

This approach provides you, the operator of the experience, to frequently change it and keep it fresh and exciting, but without all of the usual costs associated with coordinating multiple solutions providers.

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Our effects solutions span many different sectors. We’re working on augmented reality and spatial audio solutions for the cultural and heritage sector, location based immersive entertainment, interactive visitor centres, reimagining retail, fan engagement in Esports and sport.

Our approach is to listen first, reflect and review, re-engage and improve and then provide a full specification. We build in flexibility and always with one eye on your future needs.

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The best design comes from your vision. There’s a story to be told, visuals to accompany the narrative and then the effects to make it more immersive.

It’s not all about the visuals. There are other effects that might be more appropriate, such as subtle use of spatial audio, small pieces of augmented reality to help explain and educate. Other senses, such as heat, wind, smells then enhance the experience for the user.

We’ll work with you to find the level your location needs to bring your immersion to life.

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Recent News

Creative Scale-Up Programme Completed

Hollywood Gaming recently participated on the West Midlands Creative Scale up Programme, funded by DCMS and supported by the West Midlands Combined Authority. The programme is for selected scaling businesses across the region to receive specialist coaching, mentoring and workshops to aid growth for the creative sector. Hollywood Gaming now sits on its Advisory Board

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