Willow’s Musical Journey with Volumetric Video

A Lifelong Love for Music

At Hollywood Gaming, we are privileged to collaborate with the exceptionally talented musician, Willow. We had the opportunity to interview Willow about her music and her work with us.

For Willow, music has always occupied a significant place in her life, accompanying her from the moment she wakes up until she drifts off to sleep, and every moment in-between. The allure of music lies in its ability to mirror one’s current emotional state or elicit a spectrum of emotions. Willow’s musical journey commenced at the age of eight when she received her first guitar, igniting a passion that eventually led her to pursue a music degree at Coventry University where she achieved a first.

Willow’s Unique Musical Compositions

Willow’s musical compositions are characterised by the use of alternative guitar tunings and lyrical storytelling, resulting in acoustic melodies infused with elements of folk and rock. Her songwriting is profoundly influenced by artists such as ‘Frank Turner,’ ‘Suzanne Vega,’ and ‘Newton Faulkner.’ Music is an indispensable part of Willow’s daily life, and she cannot envision existence without her guitar. The thrill of sharing a new song on stage is a driving force that compels her to continue writing.

So, how can Hollywood Gaming contribute to Willow’s music career?

Willow is collaborating with us to create a volumetric music video for her song, “Tale of an Old Man.” This involves capturing a holographic representation of her performing in our volumetric studio, which can then be integrated into various virtual environments relevant to the song.

Inspiration behind “Tale of an Old Man” was inspired by a university project where Willow was tasked with composing a song based on someone else’s experiences or a memory from their life. Her inspiration came from an elderly neighbour she once knew, and her unique dual perspective lends the song a sense of passing on the neighbour’s message and memory.

Unlocking Creative Potential with Volumetric Video

Willow was astounded by the capabilities of our studio and the creative possibilities it opens up for designing and crafting music videos. When she initially contemplated how the video for “Tale of an Old Man” would unfold, she encountered numerous limitations, such as finding the right location that was representative of the story the song told. Consequently, the expansive range of possibilities offered by our volumetric studio was a welcome opportunity, making every idea suddenly feasible.

Utilising our volumetric studio, Willow aims to create a visual narrative that stands on its own, drawing viewers in and evoking the emotions of the main character, the old man. The song primarily revolves around feelings of regret and the decline of the central character. While the song’s narrative is largely self-explanatory, the visual aspect provides ample opportunities to further accentuate some of the subtler nuances within the song, adding depth and context to characters that haven’t been explored through lyrics alone.

The advantage of utilising our studio for Willow lies in her ability to bring to life the imagery she has envisioned in her mind since the creation of the song. Volumetric video allows for a level of creativity and artistic expression that traditional recording techniques cannot achieve, resulting in a more immersive visual experience that enhances both the emotions and narrative of the track.

A Glimpse into the Future

Looking to the future of volumetric video in the music industry, Willow envisions its widespread adoption. Given the multitude of creative possibilities this filming technique offers, she believes it will be challenging for people in the industry to resist its appeal.